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Wine Tour to Kakheti
175 €
Starts from: Tbilisi
Best time: April - November
Distance: 315 km
Duration: 2 days - 1 night

Wine Tour to Kakheti

See the most interesting touristic attractions in Kakheti. Enjoy the stunning views of Alazani valley and Greater Caucasus Mountings.  Taste real Georgian wine produced to traditional technology with the use of kvevri jars. Have a walk and overnight is one of the most romantic towns of the world. All these you will experience in 2 Day Wine Tour to Kakheti.

Day to day itinerary


9:00 Start from Tbilisi to Tsinandali via Telavi.
Village of  Tsinandali is a source of a famous white wine and site of the Chavchavadze family estate — the 19th-century poet, public figure, and Kakhetian prince Alexander Chavchavadze (1786-1846). Have excursion with a guide and one glass of wine. See the house which is nowadays a museum and a wonderful garden.
Continue our tour to see Gremi –it was Kakhetian Royal family residence in 15th century, the fortress has several inbuilt facilities including a Church of Archangels (1565 )
Drive to Kvareli Vineyard and Winery to have wine tasting (3 types of wine), you can also have master classes on making  khinkali/churchkhela/bread (optional). We also see here marani (traditional wine cellar), vineyards (depending on the time of the year).
After Winery we drive to Nekresi Monastery — one of the most important cultural centers of Georgia. Beautifully set on the hilltop in the woods the monastery includes several structures built in different periods (4th.5th, 6th, 9th, 16th centuries).
Next site to visit is Nunisi old winery in the village of Velistsikhe. It is represented by 16th century vine storage with old limestone wine presser and 33 big wine jars (kvevri) sunk underneath the ground. The place has a rather rich expositions of old household items, pottery, utensils, jewelries, and other staff related to different ages.
Arrive to Sighnaghi. Hotel check in.
Night in Sighnaghi hotel.


Breakfast in the  hotel.
10:00 Excursion and walk in Signaghi with a guide. Visit Signaghi Museum which features rich collection of ethnographic, numismatic, photo and documentary items. Also the museum has a gallery where the pictures of Niko Pirosmani are exhibited.
Visit St. Nino’s Monasteri in Bodbe located very close to Sighnaghi. The Church was originally built between the 9th and 11th centuries, but has been significantly modified since then. The monastery now functions as a nunnery and is one of the major pilgrimage sites in Georgia, due to its association with St. Nino, the 4th century female evangelist of Georgians, whose relics are shrine there.
Lunch in Sighnaghi restaurant. Wine tasting (optional).
Ninotsminda Cathedral is highly significant to the development of Georgian architecture, as it predates Jvari Monastery in Mtskheta, and served as a model for the development of the later tetraconch (four-apse) form. The site is ruined today, with only the eastern apse and a portion of the western wall remaining. The ruined apse is decorated with 16th century frescoes of the Hodegetria, severely vandalized with bullet holes from Dagestan bandits in the 18th and 19th centuries. Outlines of the foundations indicate that the church originally had an octagonal center, surrounded by corner niches. Historical records indicate that restoration work was undertaken in the 10th and 11th centuries, and also during 1671 and 1774. However, the cathedral collapsed during earthquakes in 1824 and 1848 and was not reconstructed.
Arrival to Tbilisi. Drop at the hotel. End of service.

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