National Museum of Georgia

Museum preserves and exhibits a unique collection of natural and human history.
The National Museum’s collections cover the history of the country, starting from animal remains dated back to 40 million years.
Among the most amazing specimens at the museum is the prehistoric human remains found in Dmanisi. The remains date back to 1.8 million years and are the oldest evidence of human existence outside of Africa. This discovery has revised the whole theory of human evolution.
One of the most important collections of the Georgian National Museum is the Collection of Treasures that contains a great number of unique objects from different historical periods (from the second half of the 3th millennium BC through 19th century AD). The collection has gold and silver artifacts and jewelry from the pre-Christian period from Kakheti (East Georgia), Vani (West Georgia), Mtskheta, Trialeti Kurgans, Zhinvali, Akhalgori, Martkopi, etc
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