Dadiani Palace

Dadiani Palace is Historical and Architectural Museum in Zugdidi. It is located in West Georgia, Samegrelo region. The museum was established in 1921 and contains 41000 items.
It is not just a palace but a complex which includes: palaces of the Samegrelo queen Ekaterine Chavchavadze-Dadiani and Prince Niko Dadiani, court church, and the botanic garden.
Initially the museum was organized in 1850 by Prince David Dadiani to display unique numismatic materials from the archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Nakalakevi. Dadiani family collections of medieval European armor and weapons, ethnographic objects and fine art were also a part of the exhibited items.
The present collection is rather extensive and diverse, in fact it comprises archaeological materials from Greek and Georgian antique culture along with rich collection of photographs. A collection of crystal, china and faience crockery brought from France, Germany and Russia are of a great interest.
You will also find there collection of Christian sacred objects, manuscripts and charters; libraries of Napoleon (6.000 items) and Dadiani family; samples of European and Asian weapons.
The museum is also proud of its collection of paintings of Russian painters of 19th c. and French painters of battle-pieces, and English painters of seascapes.
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